Dana Brown & Associates, Inc. is the collaborative creation of landscape architects and planners who have practiced in diverse professional realms and geographic regions. We are one of the largest landscape architecture and planning firms in Louisiana as well as a state certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE). In business since 2004, the staff of Dana Brown & Associates, Inc. brings amazing talent and worldwide experience to our projects. Most members of our firm are Louisiana natives who have worked extensively in other states and countries, giving our firm a unique perspective and understanding of Louisiana’s cultural, economic, and ecological heritage, which we incorporate into all of our designs whole-heartedly.

Working closely with multidisciplinary teams, Dana Brown & Associates, Inc.’s extensive experience includes stormwater and floodplain management, transportation corridor planning, urban design, economic development, park and recreation design and construction, health center planning and construction, campus master planning and construction, GIS modeling of land use and zoning effects, community and master planning and participation, land development regulations, guideline development, regional planning, and ecological-based design. Dana Brown & Associates, Inc. also possesses the skills and resources for extensive public outreach and coordination with citizenry, stakeholders, public officials, land managers, non- and for-profit organizations, and user groups to facilitate proper planning, development, and implementation.

Our philosophy is focused on planning legible landscapes that respond to the ecological integrity of the land and reflect the cultural heritage of its people. Dana Brown & Associates, Inc. shares a distinct vision for planning in Louisiana: commitment to cultural diversity of public spaces, ecologically based sustainable infrastructure, and the clarity of simple, beautifully crafted plans and policies based on the principles of smart growth.


Dana Brown & Associates, Inc. is founded on a fundamental principle of green design.  This approach results in sustainable designs that are integrated with the land and are environmentally responsive.  Utilizing the land’s natural terrain, hydrology, and vegetation, often supported by planned green infrastructure and constructed wetlands, our designs prove more efficient and cost-effective than traditional designs.  Stormwater management, brownfields remediation and redevelopment, green infrastructure, public infrastructure planning, environmental compliance, wetland restoration, and habitat restoration are all a part of green design.


With licenses in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, our landscape architecture work focuses on the design of public parks and urban plazas, as well as the design of landscape amenities for institutions, residential communities, and mixed-use developments. Other areas of landscape architecture expertise include park and recreation design, site design, residential design, irrigation engineering, garden design, urban forest management, and transport corridor landscape design.

Green Design


Rather than approaching the goal of creating resilient communities based solely on drainage, we believe in implementing an integrated approach that respects and responds to the connecting systems of roadways, landscapes, economics, and culture while enhancing New Orleans’ authentic character and improving its resiliency in all systems, physical and social. This multi-system approach creates landscapes that benefit the needs of the community and encourage progressive development.


Simply stated, our approach is comprehensive, based on local assets, and requires participation of the local citizenry in order to facilitate the evolution of existing urban communities unto healthy, sustainable, livable places. We utilize principles of Smart Growth, which are integral to effective urban design. Strategic planning and comprehensive neighborhood planning are also important parts of community planning.


We design usable urban spaces that reveal their function and engage people. This contemporary design approach integrates stormwater management, use of native plants and local materials, and is sensitive to management and maintenance of public spaces-creating highly sustainable designs. Our work includes design of public event and performance spaces, informal gathering spaces, dining courtyards, parking areas, ultra-urban stormwater facilities, and streetscapes.


Our firm works closely with developers, often on a multidisciplinary team, to create unique developments that set themselves apart from the competition. At every project site, we strive to conserve cultural and ecological resources while focusing our designs on the resources’ landscape character and value. Site analysis, site development planning and design, and site due diligence are all integral components of land development planning, whether residential developments, commercial developments, or mixed-use planned unit developments (PUDs) and traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs).