Dana Nunez Brown, FASLA, PLA, AICP, LEED AP

During her decades of experience as a landscape architect and planner, Dana has worked for firms in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Boston, and Orange County, California, including two of the largest design firms in the United States.

A native of New Orleans, Dana has worked tirelessly to address the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Louisiana Department of Environment Quality requirements for water quality. She has written and revised chapters of the development code for several municipalities and parishes. She authored a manual to guide developers and design professionals in designing and implementing stormwater best management practices and organizes and leads dozens of stormwater workshops each year.

Dana holds a BLA degree from Louisiana State University and MLA degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is a professional landscape architect, licensed in several states. She is a long-time member of ASLA and is a Fellow of the organization.

Dana is a certified planner (AICP), and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

She serves as Chair of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) WEFTEC Workshops Subcommittee, a member of the WEF Stormwater Committee, and Treasurer of the Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition.

Dana is a founding member of Water Wise Gulf South which trains and educates residents in implementing green infrastructure in their neighborhoods.

As President of Dana Brown & Associates, she pioneered design of green infrastructure throughout Louisiana.

Dana taught classes on the subject at the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture and guest lectures at Tulane University and the University of New Orleans. She is the author of “Using Plants for Stormwater Management: A Green Infrastructure Guide for the Gulf South,” LSU Press, April 2014.

Gaylan Williams, ASLA, PLA, LEED BD+C

Gaylan Williams, Senior Associate, holds a Master of Science in Architecture/Urban Design and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology and Louisiana State University, respectively. He is the project manager of major urban design open space and redevelopment projects in downtown New Orleans. As a native of New Orleans, he is committed to the sustainable redevelopment of his hometown and the Greater Gulf Coast region. Gaylan, a licensed landscape architect, arborist consultant, and LEED Accredited Professional, is dedicated to green development and the conservation of natural systems in built spaces. He believes that these standards are fundamental, therefore, Gaylan continuously implements them in his projects, and educates his community, peers, and clients on holistic urban design and environmental restoration practices.

Christopher Africh, ASLA

Christopher Africh, Senior Associate, holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Louisiana State University. As a native of South Louisiana, Chris has worked on a variety of projects involving community livability and enhancement, improvements of open drainage ways, greenway design, Complete Streets design, flood recovery and disaster planning, strategic redevelopment planning, and post disaster relief community site design. A talented artist, Chris also believes in the importance of readable, well-crafted work to better illustrate and help the public understand the design and the design intention. His modeling and graphic talent has helped prepare large scale public presentations, and his use of working digital models during the design process allows for real world spatial analysis and interaction.

Danielle Duhe, ASLA

Danielle Duhe, Senior Associate, holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Louisiana State University. Danielle has extensive experience in outreach and education, parks and recreational planning, and in the design and construction of stormwater management facilities. She is experienced in land use analysis and planning, code regulations and revisions, community revitalization, and public engagement strategies. Danielle has worked on a number of projects that have focused on pedestrian safety through design strategies, all while incorporating green infrastructure facilities. She has conducted road safety audits and written Complete Street policies for municipalities to adopt and implement. Danielle is a very active volunteer in the community, leading tours of green infrastructure, speaking at community events, and bringing her professional experience in design to her personal involvement in improving both New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.

Andrew Doyle, ASLA, PLA

Andrew Doyle, Senior Associate, holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Louisiana State University and has extensive experience in land use analysis and planning, urban planning, and site design. Through managing and serving as technical leader for many projects, Andrew has developed his experience in green infrastructure design and construction, design of commercial projects, and park planning and design. Additionally, he mastered the use of stormwater management modeling as an analytical design tool. His commitment to the resiliency and improvement of New Orleans is illustrated through his volunteering for various programs such as the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development and Livable Claiborne Communities.

Emma Bahm, ASLA, PLA

Emma Bahm, Associate, holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Louisiana State University.  Emma is a professional landscape architect licensed in Louisiana and Texas, where she practiced during her first professional years. As a versatile member of the firm, she has honed her ability to move between big-picture thinking and construction detailing, ensuring the original vision of a project is carried out through all phases of design and construction. Emma’s leadership and approach to planning and conducting public engagement for projects has led to public consensus on controversial projects as well as accolades from our clients.

Bridget Kender

Bridget Kender, Associate, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute in California. At the firm she is responsible for developing marketing proposals, payroll, billing, and accounts payable and receivable. In addition to the general office responsibilities, Bridget also handles the marketing activities of the company by maintaining the firm’s social media accounts, creating promotional materials, tracking potential projects, and developing proposal submittals.

Patricia Vicari

Patricia Vicari, Associate, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Louisiana State University. She is responsible for reviewing and editing the firm’s report documents. Patricia has several years of experience planning and conducting stormwater management workshops and training sessions, as well as public engagement events. Patricia is also responsible for maintaining the firm’s website.