Dana Brown & Associates, under the direction of the City of New Orleans, redesigned Spanish Plaza into a contemporary plaza. The nation of Spain dedicated this plaza in 1976, to the city of New Orleans in remembrance of their common historical past and as a pledge of fraternity in the future. Since then, the plaza has been frequently used by the city as a large gathering place. Years of wear and tear as well as the upcoming tri-centennial celebration has fostered a strong desire to have the plaza renovated.

The plaza design utilizes valuable input from numerous stakeholders and the city of New Orleans. Spanish Plaza was designed to facilitate wayfinding for easier pedestrian circulation. The plaza also provides shaded spaces for gathering, dining, conversing, and spectating. The redesign incorporates a new larger fountain and planters, lighting, and a new paving pattern that pays homage to the plaza’s Spanish roots. The new pavement utilizes a dark and light mixes of pavers that form a unique pattern reminiscent of the chamfered blocks commonly found in Spain. Additionally, the plaza provides numerous new amenities, such as a larger staging area for concerts and festivals, for all New Orleanians and visitors to enjoy.

Downtown New Orleans, LA

City of New Orleans, New Orleans Building Corporation